Youzu Interactive Lin qi


Youzu Interactive is a global game developer and distributor headquartered in China that specializes in the massively multiplayer online gaming genre. The company was founded by Lin Qi in 2009 and has been on the path of growth of development ever since. Youzu Interactive has been known to develop popular MMORPGs like the League of Angels that has even won the Best New Game of Facebook Award in 2014.

Company Profile

In 2014, Youzu Interactive was listed in the Shenzhen stock market making it the sole A-share gaming company in China. The company is known to employ about 1000 people with servers based in Asia, Europe, North America, Russia and South America. The primary aim of linqi’s company is to globalize Chinese and Asian games and introduce them to the Western market.

Recently, the company was reported to invest over USD 350 billion in a +U initiative and has since taken over sectors like product licensing and company acquisitions.


Lin Qi was born in 1989 in the Chinese district of Wenzhou, Zhejiang. Being an entrepreneur, in 2009, Lin qi embarked upon sharing simple joy, entertainment and excellence through the form of gaming and Youzu Interactive came into existence. Youzu primarily focuses in developing games for mobile and browser platforms in the MMORPG genre. The company released its first game called The General in 2012 locally and the League of Angels in the following year andthe latterwent on to become a huge success in China. By the end of 2013, the company spread out its game servers to various parts of the world and subsequently released the worldwide version. The tremendous response from gamers on League of Angels re-ignited lin qi’s visionary and the company went on developing popular game titles for both mobile and browser in the following years.

This fast-growing web and game-developing company based in Shanghai was acquired by Susino Umbrella in an all-stock deal in 2014. Although Susino has now rights on both domestic and distributions of games developed by Youzu, Qi Lin has been reported to own an approximate of 100.9 million shares in Youzu that were last valued at$2.2 billion by Wealth-X.


Youzu Interactive has been known to develop 8 massively multiplayer online games till date taking up both mobile and browser platforms together. The games are solely developed by the company but have been distributed in association with another Hong Kong based company named R2Games. The list of the all released games of Youzu Interactive and their subsequent platforms are as follows: